The Rise of High-End Quick-Casual Restaurants

Gone are the days where Pret and Hale & Hearty dominate the quick-casual market. As prominent chefs are converting their high-end concepts to dining experiences more apt to the informal crowd, there has been an increase in high-quality, fast-casual restaurants in New York City. Here are some of our favorites to open in the past year: Continue reading “The Rise of High-End Quick-Casual Restaurants”


5 Food Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Developments in technology, climate and the ever-changing digital landscape constantly force our food preferences to evolve. With this come trends like poke and fads like crazy milkshakes. This past year, we saw a ton of veggie focused restaurants pop-up paired with the introduction of genetically modified meats on both a retail and wholesale level. Looking ahead, we can expect coconut to emerge as the hottest superfood, an influx of Nordic fare and a lot more cauliflower. Okay, I’m not giving anything else away! Read about some of my predictions for 2017 here:

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