The NYC French Fry Guide

A burger without french fries is almost as sacrilegious as Ross without Rachel, peanut butter without jelly, or the Earth without water. Okay, maybe not that crazy, but french fries have become a staple in American cuisine — and rightfully so. When paired with some of the greatest burgers of all time, however, these crispy sticks of potato perfection tend to go unnoticed. In an effort to bring some much-needed attention to this very important food group, we’ve racked up a guide to our favorite french fries in every category: Continue reading “The NYC French Fry Guide”

Guest Blog Post: 8 Fried Chicken Dishes to Get on Your Radar

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.30.32 AM.png1) Harold’s Meat + Three Fried Chicken: Marinated for three days, this dish is well worth the wait you’ll experience at Chef Harold Moore’s new spot in the Arlo Hotel. The secret to Harold’s fried chicken is that it’s made with cornish hen, rendering a uniquely juicy, tender experience when fried. The chicken is served with two sauces: one sweet and tangy and the other super spicy. We’d recommend switching between the two for the perfect balance.

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2016 Review: NYC’s Best New Restaurants


2016 was an exciting year in NYC. We experienced a poke explosion, more rainbow everything and A LOT more pizza and pasta. It was pretty hard to narrow it down, but here are my top ten picks for the best restaurants of the year and what they brought to the table (pun-intended):

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ABC Kitchen Review

Rating: 9.3

I went into my first meal at ABC Kitchen expecting great things and I’ve been thoroughly pleased after each visit here. In fact, it’s my favorite Jean-Georges restaurant and in my opinion, one of the all around best restaurants in NYC.  There’s simply nothing not to love about this place. Continue reading “ABC Kitchen Review”