The NYC French Fry Guide

A burger without french fries is almost as sacrilegious as Ross without Rachel, peanut butter without jelly, or the Earth without water. Okay, maybe not that crazy, but french fries have become a staple in American cuisine — and rightfully so. When paired with some of the greatest burgers of all time, however, these crispy sticks of potato perfection tend to go unnoticed. In an effort to bring some much-needed attention to this very important food group, we’ve racked up a guide to our favorite french fries in every category:

Thrice Cut Fries at The Breslin. PC: @unbuttoningpants

Thick Cut/Steak Style – The Breslin

The “Thrice Cooked Chips” — yep, thrice — at The Breslin are some of the most crispy fries in New York City. The best part about these babies is that after you bite into the super crunchy outer layer, you’ll find that they are surprisingly creamy in the center. Thank you, April Bloomfield.



Crinkle CutShake Shack

Cheese Fries at Shake Shack. PC: @shakeshack

Shake Shack, New York City’s quintessential burger chain, serves up the best crinkle cut fries. They discontinued their fresh, hand-cut fries in favor of these – and for good reason. They’re lightly salted, crunchy, and hold their shape even under the must-order, gooey cheese sauce.



Sweet Potato Fries at Westville. PC: @stargazzr

Sweet PotatoWestville

Sweet potato fries seem to inevitably invoke an aura of healthiness. Or at least healthier than regular fries. It’s no surprise then that Westville, a restaurant known for its vegetables, serves up our favorite rendition.




Frites at Pommes Frites. PC: @soyraizarevelles

Belgian StylePommes Frites

If you’re near NYU’s campus and are craving carbs at a late hour, this is your spot. Even though there are over 30 sauces to choose from, the twice-fried Belgian frites are good enough eat sans sauce. But, the pesto and roasted garlic aioli are always our go-to’s.



Shoestring Fries at The Spotted Pig. PC: @nicksolares

Shoestring The Spotted Pig

April Bloomfield — back with another french fry hit! The Spotted Pig, a West Village institution, serves their infamous, heaping pile of crisp fries peppered with fried rosemary and garlic. These are best eaten by the handful and trust us, they are addicting.



Parmesan Waffle Fries at Quality Meats. PC: @qualitymeats_

Waffle Cut – Quality Meats

I, for one, would like to be friends with whoever thought it was a good idea to make french fries look like waffles. The parmesan waffle fries at Quality Meats are simply outstanding. Not only are they perfectly crispy but they are also served in a saucepan (how cool is that?).



French Fries at Minetta Tavern. PC: @yumalertnyc

Classic – Any of Keith McNally’s restaurants

How does one pick the best french fry in NYC? This category was hard and we couldn’t just pick one, sorry. We will say that Keith McNally (of Balthazar, Cherche Midi, Augustine and Minetta Tavern) consistently presents perfectly crispy, crunchy and greasy fries – just how authentic french fries are meant to be prepared.




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