5 Veggie Burgers You’d Give Up Meat For

Burgers are an American past time, they’re probably the most quintessentially American food out there, but what’s with the recent rise in veggie burger popularity? They’re just so damned good now, that’s what’s up. Before, veggie burger used to just be an option for the occasional vegetarian or vegan that went to a restaurant – an herbivore in a carnivore’s world – but now the veggie burger has arrived. Chefs all over have begun to play with what goes into their veggie burgers, their textures, and their flavors and the result is some really amazing burger that just happen to be plant-based; these are our five favorites in NYC. 

‘Shroom burger at Shake Shack

Shake Shack      
Shake Shack said they
wouldn’t add a vegetarian option to the menu until they found something that vegetarians and carnivores alike would crave and the ‘Shroom Burger is just that. The ‘Shroom burger is two juicy portobello patties stuffed with ooey-gooey cheese, and fried to perfection. It’s a veggie burger like none you’ve ever seen before, and it’s absolutely addictive.

Veggie burger at Superiority Burger

Superiority Burger

This burger’s made headlines around the globe and it’s totally worth the hype. In 2015, Superiority Burger’s veggie burger was named the best burger, hands down, by GQ magazine, and that sparked a mad rush of vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike to the East Village burger spot. The actual recipe’s top secret, but when the texture’s so authentic and the flavor’s so perfectly balanced, we don’t need the deets. Topped with Munster cheese, iceberg, tomato, and dill pickle, bring us 10 please!

Veggie burger at by Chloe. PC: @the.delicious.life

By Chloe

By Chloe is New York’s vegetarian/vegan restaurant right now and their veggie burger(s because they’ve got two) are amazing. Their classic burger is a veggie burger packed with superfoods, specifically tempeh, lentil, chia, and walnut; the guac burger, is a spice-filled, chipotle black bean-sweet potato patty topped with, of course, guacamole and tortilla strips, which give it an extra little bit of crunch. These healthy burgers will fill you up and give you the energy to take on the day, and you’ll hardly miss the meat.

Veggie burger at Westville. PC: @westvillenyc


You’ve always known Westville made amazing classic American fare, but have you tried their veggie burger? It’s a perfectly fried patty with a tender inside, topped with savory sautéed mushrooms, melted shredded Gouda, and a creamy tartar sauce, all sandwiched between two toasted Portuguese buns (like an English muffin, but sweeter and fewer crannies). The sweetness of the burger, combined with all the savory, cheesy, and crispy components makes every bite of this burger the perfect bite.

Impossible Burger at Momofuku Nishi. PC: @motzburger

Momofuku Nishi

A bleeding veggie burger? You probably think we’re crazy, but we promise if you just try Momofuku Nishi’s Impossible Burger, you’ll see what we mean. The Impossible Burger is 100% plant based, made from potatoes, coconut oil, wheat, and a handful of secret ingredients and spices that make the burger bleed. Its texture is unlike any veggie burger we’ve ever had before, way more like a burger than your standard bean-and-lentil patty, and it even taste like meat (kind of). Get over to Nishi ASAP and give this burger


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