An Inspired Journey: Conrad Hotels & ANA

I was part of an inspired journey this past Monday night; a curated, interactive adventure that transported me from New York City to Tokyo. The journey, in essence, was an event was hosted by Conrad Hotels & Resorts and ANA, Japan’s largest airline, in celebration of their new, global partnership.

Through a series of interactive experiences, the Conrad Hotel of New York recreated the flight experience from NYC to Tokyo. The virtual tour highlighted all components of a traveler’s journey: from check-in, to ANA’s high-quality food curated by Conrad’s award-winning Chef Antonio Cardos and Conrad Tokyo’s Michelin- starred Chef Albert Tse, to Conrad’s cultural offerings for guests in Tokyo.



During the event, I was able to test out a typical business class seat for ANA’s flight to Tokyo. The seat was incredibly spacious and private, it kind of felt like I had a room all to myself.




Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.56.47 PM.png

After “the flight,” we arrived in Tokyo where passengers were greeted by cherry trees, traditional Japanese music and sites from the city. I haven’t been able to visit Tokyo yet, but this small taste certainly piqued my interest!





Upon our arrival back to New York, we enjoyed desserts and cocktails from Conrad New York’s famous Loopy Doopy Bar. The desserts were amazing, especially the rainbow cookies. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of them, so I guess you’ll have to try them for yourself on your next ANA flight.



The experience definitely raised my standards for in-flight service and cuisine. Hopefully, I’ll be able to experience the real thing soon and explore all Tokyo has to offer through the lens of a Conrad Hotel.



Until then, I’ll be eating my way through NYC!





This post was sponsored by Conrad Hotels.



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